Morphs & Traits

Classic T- Albino 
This classic Tneg albino line is the most common and most variable of the hog color morphs. Ranging from Extreme Red to Pale yellow  , this is probably the 1st morph you should add to your hog collection.

Extreme Reds and Purple Lines: 
Basically a "dominant line trait" These are super enhanced reds I derived from gloydi localities that have been bred and refined to exhibit superior reds , burgundies and other dark colors with the exception of black.. most Extreme reds and purples are almost hypomelanistic in the fact they show almost no black except for the bellies.

Purple Line Albino  - Dark Extreme Red Variant + Tneg albino line

Extreme Red Albino  - Bright Red to Dark Red pattern +  Tneg albino line.. large pattern almost no black except for belly

Red Albino - Red and Brown tones + Tneg albino line

Yellow Albino  - A green phase Tneg  albino line

These lack red and yellow pigments. My animals have very clean  greys, white and blues!! Besides being quite impressive visually these are vital to the production of Snows, Ghost , Toxic etc.. I have been working on a line which I call my blue axanthic  line. They should be available soon.

A Classic Line Tneg Albino + Axanthic.

 Extreme Red Hypos "Evans"
Originally mislabeled hypomelanistic these Tpos albinos can look quite impressive with a little red color added. Sometimes referred to as Dutch hypo due to breeders trying to "re-package" this trait. It has been proven through breeding to be one in the same.

Extreme Red Toffee:
A Tneg Paradox Albino Line (Leaky Gene albino) . A Very colorful and robust line this is one of my favorites to work with.We were the 1st breeders in the USA to import this line in and subsequently Identify the trait.

Tpos albino with very purple tones .. very attractive.

Diablo  (Black Eye)
Unusual trait that affects the eyes and seems to highlight red quite a bit. The Eyes are entirely obsidian black . My line exhibit amazing reds unlike any other.. arguably the reddest line in existence. 

Diablo Line 
Animals that do not exhibit the black eye trait but are from the "line".

Pastel Pink Albino:
High Pink Tpos albino, a unique strain of albino with soft gentle colors.

Extreme Red Pastel Pink Albinocondas 
Classic Tpos Pastel Pink + Extreme Red

Artic & SuperArtic-
 Co-dom similar to axanthic that produces a unique superform called the super artic.

Conda & Superconda Morphs 
A co-dominant trait originating from a hognose  I collected and sold. These animals exhibit amazing pattern variations from reduced pattern, striping , spotting , banding , tiger pattern or display  a mix of these styles.. almost never have two exactly the same..Breed two together and you will produce a "Superconda" superform that is patternless.



Green Superconda- Green Phase + Conda Superform

Albinoconda -

Red Albinoconda

Extreme Red Conda

Extreme Red Albinoconda

Extreme Red Albino Superconda

PurpleConda  - Darkest Red of the Condas.. great for breeding to anything and producing the Purple Line Superconda!!

Purple Line Superconda -  One of the coolest looking snakes ever .. patternless with a red dorsale stripe

Albino PurpleConda -

Albino Purple Line Superconda - Wow Just wow!!

Blue Line Axanthiconda 

Blue Line Axanthic Superconda


Hypo Superconda 

Extreme Red HypoConda 

Candy Can Line Toffeeconda -Red on White Variant

Purple Line Toffeeconda - Dark Red Variant

Extreme Red and Purple Line Toffee Superconda

SnowConda Axanthic Albinoconda

Snow Superconda 

Toxic - (Tpos Paradox Snow)

Other Notable Traits:

This trait behaves in both a incomplete dominant fashion and co-dom.. depending on the animals you breed them too, more than likley the Jag gene interacts with another gene or genes like  the one responsible for "green" , it exhibits the most awesome yellow and green coloration I have ever seen. Commonly displays a  broken Jagged pattern that is quite impressive.

Axanthic Jag

Albino Jag

Reversed Striped Jag

Striped Jag

Green Jag 

Yellow Jag 

Tiger / Banded Patterns 

A possible sex linked trait very common in hognose lines, Most tend to be females (but not all). 

Reversed Pin Stripe :
 Odd  Vanishing pattern that occurs in a dorsal pinstripe .. this is not a break in the pattern but actually where the pattern is not present..almost like someone used an eraser!! Interesting.

A odd dark  gloydi style variant with a crazy number of blotches that generally number  around 45!!

Painted Stripe
A fantastic red dorsal stripe that appears "painted" over the snake pattern.. very cool common in both my Purple  and Diablo Lines. I collected a female that had this trait several years ago and bred it into my lines. It produces the finest hogs imaginable.

Gloydi Style Pattern 
Awesome animals with by far the best patterns and traits, Gloydi are a range variant that are stocky , brightly colored have a smaller "shovel" and tend to be larger in size. They have around 32-35 large squarish to circular
 blotches and usually have the best colors such as reds.. most of my lines if not all have Gloydi blood in them.

Characterized by missing head pattern or headbands, this trait creates a very cool look.

Paradox Albino :
We have produced a couple of these over the years.. still working with them trying to figure them out if genetic or not. Basically an albino that is showing normal patches of coloration.. this creates an impressive look.

Leucistic - A solid white hog with Dark eyes they have been plagued by issues over the years from illegal origins to problems with breeding and thriving. Several years ago I helped the Segwick Zoo try and save the last of their animals. In my opinion and experience prone to defect and other issues those animals were later dumped on the market at very Steep prices. Today several years later they are still quite rare either from breeding and health issues or??

Sable and Sableconda -Considered by some the ugly duckling of hog morphs, as they age they turn very dark, should be quite useful in creation of other morphs.

More to come...