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  We (daughter,wife and I) specialize in supplying wholesale jumper packages to pet stores and hobbyist alike. Mainly specialize in Texas species but do often have others such as Regals,Canopies etc..Packages vary depending on time of year and availability. Minimum Order is 100.00 shipping is via fedex 2nd day for flat rate 35 and overnite for 70. Live , healthy, happy arrival guaranteed.
Phidippus mystaceus female
Phidippus cardinalis Female
Phidippus texanus
Phidippus audax male
Phidippus carolina female
 Packages are a mix of wild caught ,captive bred and captive   hatched.

​ A. 100.00   6 head  4-5 mixed species i4-i6 or greater

 B. 150.00   10 lot 4-5 mixed species i4-i6 or greater

 C. 300.00   20 lot 4-5 mixed species i4-i6 or greater

 D. 500.00   50 lot 4-5 mixed species i4-i6 or greater

Cardinals a favorite amongst breeders, they are a medium sized jumper that starts out yellow and turns into a solid red animal. Very laid back and friendly!!
Phidippus pius male
  Pius is by some considered the rarest jumper in the US. A shy semi terrestrial species living near rocks and tall prairie grasses they can be a challenge to find. We have one of the largest collections of this species around with several breeding pairs and over a dozen egg sacs laid or on the way in 2023. Males are exceptionally red with twin racing stripes. Legs and much of the body is semi transparent, they almost glow in the sunlight!! Females are pale yellow to orange with the same semi transparent look. A moderate level jumper they prefer smaller prey items half their size and flying insects. Wax worms do well ,if not eaten they will almost always take the moth.
 Texanus are very large not often seen jumper. Perhaps the friendliest of the jumper species, especially females who will often sit motionless in your hands for long periods of time. They make exceptional pets and we are happy to specialize in them. Babies hatch out huge and grow exceptionally fast. The personality of these really stand out and I highly recommend them as a 1st spider! Order as many as you want we'll have them!!
  Audax or often called bolds are a large black and white species very similar to regals. They are exceptional at hunting and will try and eat anything near their size or even bigger. They become very friendly and are a favorite among many hobbyist. Our local ones often show a lot of white and are very ornate.
  Carolinas are a medium large species you don't see offered much. Very inquisitive, active and intelligent. Make excellent display animals!
Mystaceus or High Eyelash is one of our most beloved species. Small beautiful, highly inquisitive they are highly sought after by hobbyist and breeders alike.
i6 baby
Phidippus regalis female
Regals are large fluffy colorful spoods that are highly interactive and have variable personalities from being shy to outgoing. We produce the high white/red variety.
i6 baby
 We sell what we need to, the rest are returned to the very spot they were collected from.. Getting a few meals before they are released greatly improves the odds of survival !