..me above , with a chicken turtle I caught with my dad circa 1985..

Growing up in Texas I had the pleasure of playing with heterodon as a kid. As a young man in the 1990's I saw that they were popular but care and breeding info was hit and miss at best. A revolution in care and a make over in appearance was needed. Growing up with these animals it was apparent that the conditions they were being kept in weren't optimal. I created the 1st true hognose caresheet and posted it to kingsnake.com forums shortly afterward and spent time collecting , buying and breeding for the best color and patterns. In time my lines Extreme Red, Purple , Diablo, Blue Ax , Black  Ax, Tiger , Painted Stripe ,Conda etc. became the foundation for a lot of the color and combos you see today. It has been a pleasure the last 20 years helping, breeding and herping with my fellow friends and breeders and look forward to another 20 years.

 Kind Regards and happy herping!!
 Justin Mitcham